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Appeal to all who are responsible for child safety play

Celje, 13.10.2015 - Today, the director of Institute for safe play, Andreja Bednjički, did talk about child safety at play thatis very often overlooked in Slovenia. The presentation of the magazine »Oopa! All for safe play« and the pilot project »Innovative play way« led to the finding, that there are faultiness in laws in the area of safe play, to less information for producers about the importance of safety on playgrounds. A big problem is also misunderstandingor disobedience from different institutions, which would make kids friendly and creative playgrounds possible.



Project presentation on festivals

Celje, 10.9.2015 - Kids are already back in the school, have full of expectations, our Zdravko – the mascot of the project Innovative play way – is also full of energy and will continue with exercises with kids in Vrtec Mojca. He will be with them once a week, until the end of the project, which is on 15.10.2015. However, the innovative play way will live on and invite children and parents to use it.

We will present the Innovative play way, which is financed by NGO Programme of the Norwegian grant and EEA Grants, on two street festivals in September. Both festivals will take place in Ljubljana, the first one (Prava zmes odpravi stres) will be on 22.09.2015, and the second one (Lupa 2015) on 24.09.2015 during the day.

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Zdravko on vacation

Celje, 27.7.2015 - For all school children, the months July and August are vacation months and also our Zdravko, the mascot of the project Innovative play way, afforded holidays. While he is on holidays and getting strength and energy for the September motive hours with children in Kindergarten Mojca and Primary School Koseze, we are writing, typing, creating and preparing everything for the outcome of the new issue of the magazine Oopa! All for safe play, that will be published at the end of September 2015. The central theme of the magazine will be the project Innovative play way, where we will present all people that were involved in the project and the timetable of the project, which led to the opening of the first innovative play way in Slovenia.

Children accepted Zdravko very well

On the way from Kindergarten Mojca to primary school Koseze in Koseze the first Innovative play way that has been supported of the NGO Programme of the Norwegian grant and EEA Grants and partners (Child Safety House Iceland) and the sponsors (Association Planet Earth) has been opened by the director of the Institute for safe play (ZVI), Andreja Bednjički.

On the event attended some school classes and kindergarten groups, the support was also proved by the presence of Mrs. Mary Fabčič, Head of the Department for pre-school education in the Municipality of Ljubljana (MOL), who expressed enthusiasm that the first such play way is in Ljubljana. »A problem that certainly is also in other Slovenian towns is, that people often behave selfishly on intervention roads. I sincerely hope that this intervention way, that has become innovative and offers the possibility of targeted user's movement, will now get even more safe and accessible to those whom it is intended,« told us Mrs. Fabčič. The Headmistress od the kindergarten, Jovi Vidmar, has expressed gratitude to both: MOL that had placed the way right near their kindergarten, as well as the contractor of the project that it offered an additional incentive for young people who are increasingly moving and thus endanger their health. The project Innovative play way will continue with regular visits of the mascot of the project - Zdravko - in kindergarten Mojca where he will transmit knowledge about the movement and the correct use of playequipment. "Safety is first. The movement and play are an integral part of a happy childhood," said at the opening of the play way Andreja Bednjički, director of ZVI.

Zdravko is preparing for opening

On Thursday, June 4, at 10 am on the school route by kindergarten Mojca in Ljubljana (Koseze), the first innovative play way in the country will be opened. It is a project, executed by Institute for safe play from Celje and having a financial support from the Program for NGOs of EEA Financial Mechanism and will now serve as a motivation of young people to the move safe on the way to school.


Zdravko on the ECO conference 2015 in Ljubljana

On this year's sixth international Eco conference organized by Organization Planet Earth (Društvo planet Zemlja) on the World Day of the Earth, Zdravko, the mascot of the project Innovative play way, was shown in the public for the first time. People, who participate on this conference, are children and mentors that attended on the contest Slovenians Planet Earth friendly school/kindergarten. The project with the support of NGOs Programme of EEA Financial Mechanism gained momentum in 2014, when the author of the initiative, the Institute for safe play, made first outlines of the play way which offers the young people and their parents the possibility of movement on the way to school or kindergarten and back home. The project had received the necessary hospitality and so the first innovative play way will be set in May in Ljubljana, in Koseze.

Invitation to presentation of Zdravko, the mascot of the project Innovative play way on the Eco Conference, the Institute for safe play received with great joy, because it is on an event like this, so the director of the Institute, Andreja Bednjički, an opportunity to identify the project, and also the importance of movement of our children. "The mission of the Institute is to raise awareness about the importance of movement, especially in young people who are developing their motor skills, and to raise awareness of playground owners about new developments in European standards to ensure the safety of playgrounds." Eco conference, at which every year through 350 children and their mentors from Slovenia are chosen to participate, is an event that offers plenty of opportunities for the realization of the goals of the Institute for safe play.

Understanding "safety" can be very difficult

Celje, 14.4.2015 - If we talk about safety, it can be very difficult and complicated to understand it. For example: we have 50 children, cycling to school every day. One day, a car hits one child. Moreover, everyone is wondering, how could this happen. »Well, we have to look at three things« so Herdis L. Storgaard, a program director for the child safety program and the Safety House in Reykjavik, Iceland. “Was there anything special with the child that day, maybe it was late and hurrying and forgot to look out for cars (human behavior). At the same time, a driver was driving in that street he had never been there before, he was looking for a house he took his eyes of the road and that is when the child was not looking. This could have happened in a different way: the same driver was looking but the road was icy and when the child cycled a cross the street, he could not stop in time because of the conditions on the road (environmental),” continues Mrs. Storgaard. People see accidents very different – this is so because they do not know the accident and do not know how to prevent an accident.

For children under the age of 4, accidents are most common at home and that is because they spend a lot of time there and the home is a dangerous place for a small child if the parents don’t make it child safe.

Innovative play way to school

Celje, 18.3.2015 - Children spend a lot of time in school where the work takes a lot of concentration. »The fact is, that people have a greater ability to concentrate, if they previously have a short physical activity, to stir the body up and absorb fresh air. However, since the school timetable has to little hours of physical education, it is necessary that children are also moving outside of school time,« so Andreja Bednjički, director for Institute for safe play, which is the organizer of the pilot project Innovative play way with the goal to motivate the children for exercising on the way to school.

“At the Institute for safe play, we believe that we could closer the safe, active and interesting way to school to children. It only takes some imagination and knowledge to form a new path, variegated with different motion requirements. This spring we put that kind of school way in Koseze in Ljubljana,” tells us our speaker. The Institute tries to raise the activity of children.

The innovative way will have different sized tags drawn on the ground, which will present a habitat of animals like penguin, frog, giraffe, turtle and monkey. Information board will have instructions on, how to move in a particular area – to do the jumps, squats, to walk on the tiptoes, to do lunge exercises, etc., The mascot Zdravko will guide children and explain to them the exercises once a week.

The exercises are meant for children as well as adults, so the organizer will ensure the physical activity across all age groups.

Innovative play way in Ljubljana

Levicnikova-kolaz m

Celje, 15.1.2015 - The project »Innovative play way«, that became the financial support from the EEA Grants and Norway Grants for NGO Programmes, is getting new contours. Participation confirmed the Municipality of Ljubljana, which is obviously well aware of the importance of movement and its impact on the health of young people. The spatial politics of the city is distinctly in favor of a healthy lifestyle as a great concern for the maintenance and further development and expansion of urban recreational trails and provides a series of events for all those who are aware of the importance and impact of changes in their health.

In these days, the municipality also determine the location of new play way, which will be placed between kindergarten and primary school Koseze. Its primary goal is to allow children a safe route to school / kindergarten while promoting their motor skills.

The play way will be made in spring, in the meantime Institute for safe play has successfully implemented education entitled "Movement-risk-safety" where parents, educators and teachers and other interested parties, are taught about the importance of movement for preschool children, how to develop motor skills through formal and informal game, the importance of and the principles of safety in playgrounds, and criminal liability for damages in case of injuries on playgrounds and how do the playgrounds look like today.

Lectures will be held until September, in the Info Centre at the Ljudska univerza Celje (People's University of Celje,) every second Wednesday of the month at 4:30 pm, the exact terms will be published regularly in “Celje monthly event”, which is also available on the website (http://www.celeia.info/) and on the website of the project (www.oopa.si ).

Movement - Risk - Safety

Celje, 19.12.2014 - Within the project "Innovative play way", the Institute for safe play has prepared a series of workshops entitled "Movement - Risk - Safety". These are designed for professionals in educational institutions, parents and other caregivers of children and will take place between January and September next year in the Info Centre at the Ljudska Univerza Celje. The importance of movement in preschool period, the develop of motor skills through formal and informal game, the importance and principles of safety on the playground, and criminal liability in case of injuries on the playground and what kind of playgrounds do we have today, these are the issues which could the interested public listen to for the first time on Wednesday, 14 January 2015 at 16.30 hour. Workshops will be carried out every second Wednesday of the month, the exact terms will be published regularly in “Celje - monthly events”, which is also available on the website (http://www.celeia.info/) and on the website of the project Innovative play way (www.oopa.si ).

Zdravko on the innovative play way

najava ZdravkaCelje, 19.11.2014 - Safe way to school can also be fun, motivational, and dynamic. As such, it allows users to achieve new skills and thereby protect the health, personal growth, and promotes creativity. From here the idea for the project Innovative play way, which is an idea developed in the Institute for safe play. Its director Andreja Bednjički says: »The project aims to adequately provide better security between children's play and on the way to school and kindergarten, and at the same time provides an attractive environment that will be interesting for children and will stimulate their creative potential and the process of socialization.«

This autumn, the project started to get the outlines and today it can boast with a mascot, which will offer young people and their companions courage and support in exercise. »The design solution follows the idea of supporting the character of the project, which reflects the dynamism, playfulness, courage, vivacity, energy, sport, pleasure, … The name – Zdravko – also supports the project idea,« says the author of the character, Janja Vogrin from the company VOJA vizualne komunikacije (visual communications).

Exercise is important in the development of children kinesiology. With the project Innovative play way we want to establish good practice that could be useful to expand in the future.

The beginnings of the new innovative play way

photo 1a.sestanek malaCelje, 27.10.2014 - Today, at the headquarter of the Institute for safe play in Celje, the meeting of the working group of the project "Innovative play way" was set, which received the financial support from the EEA Grants and Norway Grants for NGO Programmes and it will see “the light of day” in spring 2015.

In the coming weeks, the group will prepare a corporate image of the project, which will be presented in one of Slovenian municipalities that are already showing interest in its introduction. This will ensure young people, their parents and educators and trainers, help to develop motor functions of children on their way to school through special play equipment and play. This will also contribute to the safety of children, which is the leitmotiv of the Institute for safe play.

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