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Inovative play way

Innovative play way is a pilot project, which will be revived with the support of NGOs for the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

The project will carry out the first innovative play way, which means playing surface with specially adapted play equipment. The project will be designed in such a way that it will be useful for children, excited and safe. In doing so, we will professionally assist members of the project team. The project will also organize special workshops where we will educate (both children and adults) about the importance of children's play and safety at this.

We have chosen the school way for the platform because it is part of everyday life, has common negative connotation (way to school, where some do not want to go, presents routines), and thus represents an ideal goal to make it safe and fun at the same time.

Safe way to School can also be creative, fun, motivational, dynamic and at the same time achieving a new skill objectives, and consequently personal growth. Start of the play way will be equipped with an information board where the legend of characters and a description of levels of complexity will be written. Signs of different shapes and colors (according to the theme of each part of the way) and gymnastic elements on the way will represent a child a challenge and gradually the achievement of different levels of complexity. Since we tend also to inter-generational gathering, will the innovative way contain elements of the game where older generation can take part.Norvezan logo

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Project partner:

Miðstöð slysavarna barna (Child Safety House, Iceland)


Go & LearNET

Institute for safe play (ZVI) has accepted an invitation from the Youth Center Celje (MCC) to participate on the project Go & LearNET - Training for trainers, which was endorsed by the international tender Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation.

Go & LearNET Initiative focuses on non-formal education and updating of methodologies for the training of mediators (trainers, teachers and professors, ...) and supports their direct contact with the dominant branch of the economy in a given area, with a view to identifying capabilities, technology and innovation companies, and includes them in the education, training and orientation programs for students in vocational education, students of primary and secondary schools and students.

The main objective of Go & NET is the creation of an international study visits catalog in small and medium-sized enterprises and the implementation of training and economic visits in the company of six European countries.

The contribution to the quality of the project will ZVI put in with performing two seminars: Ensuring the safety of playgrounds and From concept to certified and safe playgrounds.

go and learn net

More about the project Go & LearNET you can read here.

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