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Conference "Safe play 2014"

In the context of increasing awareness of safe play on external and internal playground Institute for Safe play (ZVI) is preparing an educational conference "Safe play 2014." The purpose of the conference is to highlight areas where we believe improvements could be made.

The conference is intended principals, owners of tourist facilities and others responsible for the safety of childhood and adolescence courts.

Experiences show that the economic situation does not allow us to make big investments in the new playgrounds or a renovation, but the safety of playgrounds can already be ensured with small contributions that do not require a financial contribution.

The conference will interfere speakers from different institutions working in the field of safe play. It discusses the importance of proper planning courses, role of play in children and adolescents, the existing cross-institutional communication, the purpose of the standards adopted in the EU, the rights of children and parents. We will highlight good and bad practice review and become familiar with trends abroad.


The safety of children's play - we will have to wait a little longer

In order to increase awareness of responsible persons and increase preventive action on 7 th and 8 th April held its first international conference "Safe play." Educational meeting was devoted playground owners and responsible persons: tourist accommodation facilities, schools, kindergartens, municipalities, owners of hotels and restaurants, as well as producers and distributors of play equipment.

The purpose of the conference was the transfer of information on standards, recommendations and legislation, as this area is characterized by high volume and dispersion factors. The contents were compiled by speakers from different institutions working in the field of safe play. This includes appropriate design and planning fields, the definition of groups of users, taking into account the importance of play for children and adolescents, purpose and adherence to standards of safety playgrounds EU, the rights and responsibilities of children and parents, the legal position of liability of owners, collection and proper treatment of injury data on playground and good practice and trends - both at home and abroad.

Attendance at the conference was satisfactory according to the theme, but unfortunately, on the invitation of the organizer did not respond to any municipality - these are the ones who own playgrounds in public areas, which are, unfortunately, in a large proportion in the worst maintained.

The first day was rounded by lecturers who presented details of legislation and standards. In Slovenia, the law that governs the safe play is very patchy and between institutions, which carry out inspections, there is a great difference in the way and, consequently, the quality of the review. Definitely we will continue to be encouraged by governmental institutions to interinstitutional dialogue. This is the only way we unify positions.

The second day of the conference, we further addressed the physical development of children and presents, good practices in Slovenia and abroad. Today's society, including children, the physical less developed than a decade ago. Even a child's play is different today than it once was. But still remains an important factor in the development of the individual, because throughout the play develop proper physical function of the body. And where we have this option? Not only in school and sports clubs. Even with their parents at home or on the playground. However, if the pitch creative, adventurous and interesting so your child is guaranteed the success of physical development.

However, in Slovenia we do not face only with the shortcomings in the legislation of safe play, the lack of raising awareness about the importance of safety on playgrounds, but also on disobedience of different institutions - the majority of these are the municipalities - which would allow the construction of child-friendly and creative play areas.

In any case, it can be estimated also, according to participants, that the conference was urgently needed and that there is still a lot of work in the field of safe play. I'd love to be inspired by the good practices of foreign countries, especially Western and Central Europe. On the opinion of foreign experts, we are 20 years behind other European countries in the field of safety play.

There are still quite a few pressing issues that will wait for the next conference, where we would like to have more sympathy in municipal authorities.

At this point applies thanks to the Municipality of Celje, which provided the conference hall, the general sponsor of TÜV Austria, the media sponsor Finance and the sponsor Institute Isera. A big thank you goes to the company Farmedica and organic farm Lipnik.

Execution is supported by the Institute of the Ombudsman, the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, UNICEF, the Community of Municipalities of Slovenia and others. Thanks to all professionals who added through their words weight to the conference, participants who have confirmed with their presence that they care for the children’s safety play.

See you at the next conference and believe, that such an event will become a tradition in our area.

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